Our Services
FASTcc offers services in Design and Consulting Services related to hull form and hydrofoil systems design and development. Along with advising on propulsion systems configuration and installed engine power as this has a tremendous effect on performance, efficiency and overall operation of any vessel.
FASTcc operates primarily on a Partnership and/or Collaboration model with Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering design firms. We team with these firms to offer our speciality and let them focus on their distinctive competence. FASTcc offers services ranging from New Vessel Design, Retrofitting Existing Vessels and Primarily Collaboration with our Partners. We are specialised and in the event of a new project we will work with our collaborators to ensure the best possible end product for our customers.
Our Collaboration Model
FASTcc developed a collaboration model that enables our firm to get a global presence through our collaborators, associates and partners that provide our combined clients with the best-in-class technical value proposition by combining our expertise with that of our collaborators, associates and partners. We focus on research and development, marketing and brand awareness and design and engineering consulting while our collaborators focuses on the overall detail design of the vessel. Through a network of collaborators across the globe, we can service a growing market in all regions of the world. Marketing and Brand Awareness provides exposure for our collaborators as well as for us and is intended to contribute to the education and awareness of the technical aspects of the technology and the ability of the general audience to understand the various applications of the Hysucraft.

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