About FASTcc
Four decades of technological growth has molded FASTcc into what we are today. A company founded upon solid research and a proven technology. Starting the in 1980s at the University of Stellenbosch and later on FASTcc’s founder and current Managing Director, Prof. Dr. KGW Hoppe founded FASTcc in 1998 once he retired from the University. The goal was to offer the service of designing and implementing the Hysucraft technology across the globe through collaboration with designers and manufacturers alike.
Today the company focuses on commercializing the hydrofoil technology through building partnerships and associations across the globe with naval architecture firms and manufacturers. Together with design consulting on hull form and hydrofoils we consult on propulsion systems as this also makes up a major part of the performance of a craft. FASTcc also runs advanced research alongside the consulting arm to further develop and growth the knowledge of hydrofoil assistance.

Global Reach

Over the course of four decades FAST has conducted business, crafted relationships and nertured collaborative associations across the globe. Please view our interactive Global Reach Map to explore where we successfully deployed applications and where we have active collaborators. We are very interested to hear from you if you would like to start a conversation regarding collaboration and we urge you to make use of our Contact Us page in this event. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of our business model, please visit our How We Operate page for a great explanation on the extended business model.

Please visit our “Global Reach” page to meet our current collaborators and partners with whom we operate and provide services and products throughout the world.

Our Ethos & Values
The dedication towards science, technology and research can clearly be seen through the manner in which our company operates. We have a passion for the ocean and for advancing marine technology through research & development. We think outside the box and push the limits of conventional thinking. We believe we have a responsibility to the world to develop technology that makes this planet a better place through reducing emissions, use of fossil fuels and the wellbeing of the people that operate vessels that use our technology. Our core goal is to develop and make available the best, most capable, platforms that the industry can use to develop the future of high-speed marine craft. We live by the following core values and encourage our partners to live by them too!

We are trustworthy, reliable and truthful in our relations and what we say is what you get. We value our stakeholder’s relationships and there uphold our standards to ensure transparency, consistency and quality as the outcomes for all stakeholders. Our moral compass is set to ensure that we do business with like-minded companies and customers while always working towards building a better future for everyone involved.

Quality is the measure of the industry therefore we developed a process that enables each project to learn from the previous and with this continuous improvement process we live up to the standards of world class, precision engineering quality. Through our ongoing research and development, we gain new insights that are applied to each subsequent project to increase not only the process and drafting and manufacturing quality, but also the technical innovation quality and improvements. Using our advanced computational models we analyze and factor in every single aspect of a hydrofoil design on an automated basis that ensures that not a single step is missed out ever.

We believe we have a huge responsibility to advance marine technology. We are the stewards of the sub-industry and therefore take on a huge responsibility of guiding, educating and promoting hydrofoil-assistance. We need to be role models in the industry, promote the correct manner of designing and developing these advanced systems to ensure that the market gains respect and trust in the product. We also have a responsibility to the planet, in providing technological advances that help solve the world’s largest problems, we can influence and together make the world a better place.

People are any organization’s biggest asset. Without the correct team, intellectual insights and relationships nobody can achieve greatness in the world. We value our people, our associates and our partners and work strongly on building mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we do business with. To build a sustainable business this is the only way. To advance technology we need the right minds to work together, to develop corporate relationships we need the right associations and to advance in the world together, where the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts, we need to work with people to develop the future.

To learn more about our services, please visit our “What We Do” page.